Let Nature In: Incorporating Natural Materials Into Your Home Decor

With chemicals in materials, fixtures and products in the home increasing over the past 20 years, our living spaces have become significantly less healthy. However, the growth of the “raw” lifestyle movement has brought with it the return to sustainable practices and chemical-free living as we begin to recognize the effect our choice of materials has on our well-being. Several studies backed by science have proven that homes that incorporate natural design principles have wide-ranging benefits, from improving sleep to reducing stress and anxiety. 

Decor Your Home by Incorporating Natural Materials


Made from calming earth elements, eco-friendly decor materials like wood, cotton, jute or wool can also do a lot to reduce toxins in the home. Simple but impactful, the intrinsic beauty of nature is more aesthetically pleasing and will add character and charm to your space. With many new and unique options to choose from, introducing environmentally conscious pieces will create both a chic and welcoming feel.

Banana Fibre Table Runners

Hundred per cent organic and created in a fair trade environment by rural women artisans, our stylish table runners evoke a sense of nature while remaining clean and minimal. Whatever the occasion, this staple addition to your dining table looks great on its own and also pairs beautifully with many different printed textiles creating a fresh and eye-catching tablescape.

Natural table runner

Sabai Grass Wall Baskets

It pays to be inventive and think beyond the usual when it comes to adding multi-functional and decorative items to your home. Accent walls are all the rage, and it’s no surprise, considering they add a visual focal point of interest to the room. Our Sabai Baskets represent an alternative approach and bring so much more than simple colour contrast, including texture variance and the additional ambience enhanced by the material. They are made from Sabai grass which is a perennial wild grass that is dried and then crafted into decor and utility items. Learn more in our recent blog.

Black wall baskets

Handloom Cushions

Our handloom cushion covers are crafted using a variety of natural materials including wool, jute and cotton. Handwoven by artisans on traditional looms, they come in a range of eye-catching patterns and refreshing colours and can instantly spruce up any room in the house. They are well-made, durable and a lovely way to bring a natural feel into your home. Look out for handcrafted fabrics like these on your travels!

Orange wool cushion cover

Cotton Textiles

It’s no surprise this versatile and breathable fabric has been used to create bedding for hundreds of years. With its many benefits, including temperature regulation, softness and durability–– it is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, making it ideal for those with allergies and sensitive skin. Not only perfect for bedding but cotton can also be introduced throughout the home with table linens, towels and decorative pillow covers.

Red cotton quilt

Floor Rugs

Natural fibre rugs have long been designer favourites. Their earthy texture lends a relaxed, easy vibe, and their higher-than-average durability also makes them a practical choice. The most common types of natural fibre rugs include handloom cotton, jute, wool, seagrass, sisal, and hemp. Introducing a rug can help elevate the space by adding texture and warmth and a whole lot of visual interest.

Handloom cotton rug

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