Sabai Handwoven Baskets - Wall Decor That Makes a Difference

The walls were an often-overlooked part of our homes. Then along came the pathbreaking accent wall. From there to gallery walls and now the basket wall was a natural transition.

Sabai Handwoven Baskets - Wall Decor That Makes A Difference


The basket wall trend is representative of our move from perfection and minimalism to homes that are an extension of our personalities. We don’t just put anything on our walls – we put up things that mean something to us and the world. With that in mind, we present to you the latest addition to our collection of thoughtful, meaningful home decor - Sabai Grass Handwoven Baskets.

red sabai basket wall decorSet of 3 - Red - Handwoven Sabai Baskets

Made entirely out of natural fibres by rural women artisans in India, these handmade baskets do more than just decorate the walls by adding colour and texture to them – they are eco-friendly, sustainable, and socially responsible too. Allow us to explain how. 

They represent the dignity of women artisans in a far-off corner of the world

The journey of Sabai baskets to your home starts from the wild expanses of green in rural Odisha in Eastern India. Sabai is a perennial wild grass that the villagers gather, dry, and braid into ropes that can be crafted into utility or decor items. 

VIRA’s collection of Sabai baskets have been sourced from a social enterprise that works towards the betterment of the life of rural women. Their excellence in handicrafts is channelled into creating décor items with contemporary designs that are loved the world over. To these skilled craftswomen, it represents a window of opportunity to earn a livelihood and hold their heads up high in the community. 

Sabai Handwoven Baskets

They are crafted with no harm to the environment 

VIRA’s Sabai basket collection is made of all-natural fibres, primarily the golden Sabai grass fibres. They are then reinforced with palm leaf fibres and cotton threads that are coloured using azo-free dyes. This means the products are entirely sustainable and biodegradable. What we have here are home decor items that not just look good, but do good too!

Why Sabai baskets are a perfect addition to your home

The designs woven into the baskets are deeply rooted in the culture and heritage of the region it springs from – but they are also reinterpreted by designers who work in tandem with the artisans to ensure they are contemporary and universal in flavour. The natural colours are bright and soothing, and each piece – either used individually or as part of a collection – has the ability to give you the vibrant focal point you are looking to create on your walls. 

sabai basketSet of 5 - Combo 2 - Handwoven Sabai Baskets

They come in different sizes and designs and can serve as art for your walls or simply as utility items. A handy loop is provided to hang them up. You can also use them to store dry foods like breads, cookies, fruits or small items like keys or other trinkets. Be sure to use a cloth liner when you use them to store food! 

Handcrafted Basket

Sabai handwoven baskets are more than a design trend to enhance your interiors – they represent your power to make a responsible choice and support the dignified livelihood of craftswomen a world away from you. 

The fact that they are beautiful to look at and versatile in function makes them that much more delightful!


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