Welcome to VIRA

Hi and welcome to VIRA! We’re thrilled that you’re here! This is our first blog post and we thought it would be a good way to let you all know a little bit about ourselves and what we are doing.

Welcome To VIRA: Shop Modern Home Decor 


We are forever fascinated with the vibrant and exquisite home textiles that are crafted in India. Our love for all things cotton and colour and the idea of sharing the same with you all lead to the conception of VIRA. Our endeavour here is to make India’s rich supply of colour, cotton and craft accessible and affordable for consumers across Canada. We hand-pick the best and brightest stuff for you – cotton bed sheets, hand-crafted quilts, throw pillow covers and more. All our bedding items are made up of 100% cotton because we prefer a natural, sustainable and breathable material like cotton over synthetics like polyester. 

cotton bed sheets

After months of planning, doubts and hard work, as we were getting to ready to launch the website, we found ourselves amid a growing global pandemic. The unfortunate timing of events put us in a great dilemma and we were unsure about whether or not this would be the right time to launch. However, after much deliberation, we decided to go ahead with our plan and launched VIRA on March 16 with a small collection of cotton quilts, bedsheets and cushion covers.

block printed throw pillow

We had a lot more beautiful stuff coming in that we were excited about which has now been delayed due to the implementation of social distancing measures and travel restrictions. All manufacturing has been halted in India and the country has been under a very strict and possibly the world’s largest lockdown. Things are still uncertain but we are hopeful that we will have our new products with us sometime next month. For now, we take comfort in the fact that all our associates, suppliers and artisans are safe and practising prescribed social distancing measures.

Earlier this month, we were scheduled to leave for India on a sourcing trip that we were looking forward to. We had planned to visit Jaipur, Rajasthan to meet with our current and potential suppliers to source beautiful items for our store. But as it did for the rest of the world, the pandemic disrupted our plans as well. During this time of uncertainty, we were left feeling anxious and dejected. Even with so much gloom and doubt all around, we kept coming across messages of hope, encouragement and inspiration from individuals, businesses, our family and friends, that lifted our spirits and kept us going. Like you and like millions around the world, we decided to pick ourselves up and make the best of the given situation.

reversible cotton quilt blue

We are utilising this time to prepare for new collections and are in constant contact with our associates back in India, planning and charting the way forward. We are grateful to our customers for supporting our small business and are touched that so many of you reached out to us in the last few weeks asking to see more items and varieties. 

As a new and small business, it has been a rough time but we are determined to come through and we hope to provide you all with a little bit of comfort and cheer through our products. 

Thank you all for reading and for being here. We hope that you all stay healthy and safe.

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    Astyork - Feb 20, 2024

    Congratulations on the launch of House of Vira! Your blog provides a warm welcome and promises exciting content ahead. Looking forward to exploring your offerings and being part of the Vira community.

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    Betty - Sep 02, 2021

    WOW again you have some amazing things what a great selection in products and so thoughtfully and professionally put together. You are going places so hold on you are in for long and prosperious ride I wish you the best in all your endevors present and future


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