5 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

Now that everything is clean, tidy, and clutter-free (thanks, spring cleaning!), it’s time to upgrade your space with our spring decor ideas. Forget about time-consuming projects; our decorating tips are a great excuse to spruce up your living room, kitchen, dining room or bedroom with seasonal centrepieces and cheery spring hues. Whatever your style, you're bound to find some inspiration that will complement your current interior. Read on to reinvigorate your home with a sense of warmth, openness and light this spring!

Top 5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home in Spring

 Bring Nature In 

There’s no better time than spring to turn your home into a calming sanctuary that’s free from as many plastic and synthetic materials as possible. Trending this season are raw wood surfaces, stone textures, living plants, ceramics and wicker furniture. We are loving garden-inspired prints and decor, and don’t forget the fresh flowers! Choosing to focus on organic, handwoven fabrics in the home will bring an instant feeling of zen. Opt for natural fibres such as cotton, silks and linen.

Lilac table linens

Power Of Colour

Neutral palettes have dominated in recent seasons, but spring 2021 will see the resurgence of an uplifting influx of colour into the home. With an emphasis on bright palettes and rich tones in furniture design, decor and accessories, why not give your space the sunshine treatment this season. We all have forgotten spaces in our homes; bare tables, neglected corners and empty stretches of wall. By incorporating decorative pieces such as colourful stacks of books, painted baskets, blanket ladders and tall planters, you can make a space feel completely brand new.

handwoven baskets

Refresh Your Bedding

Spring is all about awakening, so this is the perfect time of year to revitalize your bedroom with some new linens and luxe accents! Refresh and soften your room by switching out heavy winter blankets with lightweight throws. Try adding a classic striped bedspread with your white sheets and introduce a pop of colour with some light blue pillowcases. A fun printed sheet paired with a crisp white quilt cover can also look great. Updating your bedding with some new, soft and cosy options will make for an amazing night’s rest! 

blue floral pillows

Bold Table Setting

You can easily transform your dining space by adding a statement-worthy runner to the middle of your table. A floral centrepiece is stunning on its own, but it really shines when placed on top of a garden-inspired tablecloth. Adding some natural fibre placemats with pretty cloth napkins will create an eye-catching tablescape perfect for the warmer months. If you’re lucky enough to have a back patio or deck, don’t neglect it this spring! Invest in some outdoor furniture, decorative throw pillows, rugs and more. That way, you always have a peaceful oasis to escape to after a long day. 

red table cloth

Focus On Individuality

The past months have been all about breaking free of the mould and exploring our true passions. This continues strong into spring as we are called to resist old ways of doing things and use renewed design parameters to express our individuality. With this personalized approach, the interior is no longer limited to one style’s framework and instead follows the owners’ needs and preferences. Invest in unique textiles, bold prints and decor elements that can be easily customized for your space. Think from the ground up with a multi-coloured rug, accented with chairs and cushions in coordinating colours.

blue rug 4'x6'

Remember to support local by seeking out hand-made designs created by talented artisans. These pieces are more sustainable, eco-friendly and positively impact the environment and global economy. 

How are you planning on decorating your home for spring? Let us know in the comments below!


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